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Six catering “Must Knows”

Your reason for catering… to IMPRESS!  These guidelines will GUARANTEE a successful event!

Beware of Boredom Everyone loves BBQ, deli sandwiches, and pizza… But for every catered event?    Are you risking another Deli-Day-meeting?


Try treating your guests to comfort foods…food made with LOVE!   They will appreciate that love!


Skip artificial deli meats... head for freshness! From fresh Salmon, to zesty chargrilled chicken, hand sautéed vegetables, slow cooked pot roast, or roasted rosemary potatoes... Your guests will Taste the Love!


BUSY people eat too much FAST Food!   No doubt you understand the busy... having little time CHEATS you of the opportunity for a “home cooked meal”


Imagine sitting down at your grandmother’s kitchen, tasting the time, the love, and the passion.   Food should wrap around your soul!



Packaging, Packaging, Packaging  Love comes in excellent packaging.   When you create food that loves, you MUST package it PROPERLY.


NEVER mix hot and cold food in same box!   A quality caterer should use packaging specifically designed for heat as well as cold.   Hot food hot and cold items cold ... should be your caterer's mantra.   Oh, and packed separately!   This prevents warm salad and cold burgers.


While visiting a hospital, I noticed a competitor delivering an order in aluminum pansno box!   That company does not respect food, nor their clients.



Quality packaging keeps food SAFE!   It PROTECTS your food on the way from restaurant to delivery point!



How does your catering company packages their food?

If not done properly you should get a new caterer!




Small details are Important   Does your caterer use quality silverware, quality cups, real lemons for tea, ship ice for drinks, pack serving utensils?   It's difficult to serve hot baked potato casserole with your fingers!



Most times you are not near a kitchen… If you were, you would not need a catering service.   Small details, when forgotten, add stress, create havoc, and definitely do not impress your group.


ON-Time Delivery… a critical     “Time is Money” and professional people value their time.  A room full of hungry people waiting for lunch to be delivered is terrible.   Use reliable people that can do what they say they can do!


Catering should Enhance the Event….

Your goal is to impress your guests!


Freshly baked chocolate Cow Chip Cookies are classic examples… YES, made with real butter, brown sugar, and semi sweet morsels.    BUT, there is more to cookies than just ingredients!


It’s about the CELEBRATION cookies bring…  celebrating life and enjoying the moment!   Fresh baked morsels of love bring cheer to a friend!



While offering a FULL lunch or dinner is nice... Sometimes delivering a SWEET TREAT is a wonderful way to brighten an office's day…. It’s about IMPRESSION!


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