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Easy recipe for a relaxing dining

People drinking wine and enjoying a relaxing evening

Differences between EATING and DINING is huge!  Eating is satisfying hunger, whether fast, quick, self serve, or cooked at home.   Dining is an experience made up of these six ingredients...




1.  “The Front Door Greeting   is so important in setting the tone of the evening.   You should be greeted with a handshake and smile.   Places that truly understand hospitality are EXCITED to see you and WANT to WELCOME you into their home.


2.  Soothing Atmosphere   Nice restaurants spend money on lighting?  This allows your mind to relax.   Rich colors will bring your heart rate down, while soothing jazz allows your muscles to unwind.  A well balanced dining room should provide enough light for you to navigate your dinner without the stress of squinting.

Fluorescent lights are fine for FAST food... but ambiance

   needs soft candlelight and soothing music!


3.  “Seasoned Servers   A “seasoned server” is not one by tenure, but of ABILITY… the ability to serve your needs.


Seasoned Servers do not RUSH  It should be  about the YOU, not turning the table.   Ever had a server say, ”what do you want to drink?” and immediately say “Ready to order?”   No personality!


You should be able  to take a deep breath and relax.  Dining is about decompression!


“Seasoned Servers  Anticipate”  A well trained  server anticipates your needs, managing the dining experience.  It's your night, not your job to manage.   You manage many things,  why manage a server?



4.  “Food made with Love   Ohhhhhhhh so important!   Having respect for food should be part of any restaurant culture.    Putting love into each dish is imperative!


Fresh ingredients and secret recipes are only half of itYOU should taste the love!   The Macadamia Encrusted Mahi should wrap it’s arms around your soul.


5.  Food should reflect CARE!   Our kitchen team lives by this policy… by caring and respecting the food, we are essentially caring for our guests.


When was the last time you had a one pound, heavily marbled seared ribeye dripping with juice show you care?


6.  "The Bond & Invite"   Your experience should resonate the feeling… “this is my place!”


If you feel like you are part of an extended family, you know you made the right dining choice ... the energy of a good party that does not want to end!


Quality operations will INVITE you to JOIN!    Whether an email list, Newsletter, or Rewards program, it's their way of saying they enjoyed your visit... It’s about staying connected, getting together, and knowing what going on.


That’s the intention of our “From the Grill” newsletter.


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