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Determine the Size of your Party  Important.  Each venue requires a minimum amount of money needed based upon the size of the venue.    Renting a space that can accommodate 3000 people will be more costly if you only need space for 50.


Date of the Party   Necessary when inquiring about venue options.   Many restaurants book months in advance.   Popular wedding months such as, April thru June and October, reserve quickly.   Advance planning is your best defense.


Purpose of Party   Are you searching for casual, business, or formal entertaining?    Be clear on YOUR VISION and expectation.    While many venues are suitable for different occasions, some may be restrictive towards your goals.


Menu Vision   Your taste and what your guests enjoy maybe different.   Think of ALL your guests.   While trying to impress with fancy, sometimes given the audience simple and tasty and selection is the best choice.


Audience Size and Menu Selection    Serving large parties has some hidden challenges.  Seasoned venues know how to avoid.   Serving four people is different that serving one hundred… it takes strategy!

Menu design and limited choices help expedite order taking as well as delivery of your food.   This allows all of your guests to enjoy the meal together at the same time.


Private vs Semi-Private   Some restaurants and venues are set up for multiple parties.  They share common areas such as bar, restrooms, and lobby.  Even though common area is shared, they have designated rooms for the actual party.   This would be semi-private.


Private venues are all inclusive and exclusive for a given period of time.   Private venues are less restrictive than semi private venues.


Location of Venue    Something that should be taken into consideration.   Planning a rehearsal dinner with out of town guests, you should consider easy access to hotels.    Requiring your business team for a dinner presentation after hours… is the restaurant centrally located?


A three hour graduation ceremony plus an hour drive to the restaurant will guarantee a hungry audience. Being considerate of your guest’s time is a great policy.






































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Private Dining Experience

Includes: Entire Restaurant, Private Staff, and Conveniently Located in

East Memphis!

 Buckley’s has two decades experience in Intimate Private Entertaining. Includes: Entire Restaurant, Private Staff, and Conveniently Located in East Memphis. 

Location: Buckley's Lunchbox (919 S Yates Rd, Memphis, TN 38120) Note: These are two different restaurant locations, Buckley's Grill & Buckley's Lunchbox. All private parties are done exclusively at Buckley's Lunchbox 

Available nightly only after 3 PM Group size 25-70 people. Specializing in Business, Birthday, Graduation, Rehearsal, Special Occasion entertainment. Menus include Set Dinner Packages and Heavy Hors d'oeuvres Packages. Wine and Beer is available.