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Parmesan Crunch Chicken

Smothered Chopped Steak

Delta Shrimp & Grits

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Breaux Bridge Pasta  Chicken & Sausage tossed with buttery Creole cream sauce and penne pasta   (serves 2)  16.99


Parmesan Crunch Chicken served with linguini  (serves 2)  21.99


Smothered Chopped Steak with portabella sauce and smashed potatoes (serves 2)  21.99


Delta Shrimp & Grits (serves 2)  22.99


FireCracker Salmon  Spicy blackened salmon, savory bed of cheese grits, Cajun remoulade    29.99


Additional Sides


Creamed Spinach (side -serves 2)   8.99


Brown Butter Sprouts with candied pecans  (side serves 2)  8.99


Lobster Bisque (pint)  11.99


Noni’s Tortellini Soup (pint) 8.99


Buckley Buds buttery garlic smashed potatoes (side serves 2)  6.99


Cheese Grits (side serves 2)  6.99

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Breaux Bridge Pasta

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FireCracker Salmon