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Take-N-Wave...   You take, We wave!

Breaux Bridge Pasta

Parmesan Crunch Chicken

Smothered Chopped Steak

Delta Shrimp & Grits

FireCracker Salmon

Discover how Take-N-Wave is unbelievably simple!  Treat yourself!


Not your typical curbside carryout!   Most curbside is prepared hot as if it was being served to you fresh on a plate.   Then it is tossed into a Styrofoam container and placed on a counter until you arrive to pick up.  Meanwhile, it loses its temperature in route to where you will be eating.  Your lukewarm, or reheat again?


Take-N-Wave is so different because of how the cooking and packaging process was designed.  Prepared fresh daily, chilled and designed to where you participate in the last three minutes of cooking.   Leaving the microwaveable container closed, heat for just 3 minutes!   That's it!   This forces heat into the entrees and finishes the cooking process.


Take-N-Wave makes incredible food gifts.  Have someone sick, stuck at home, had a baby, feeling blue?    These will brighten there day but to allow them to enjoy at their convenience.


No chopping, sautéing, whisking, boiling, etc.   All those mundane task are done for you. Take-N-Wave is no muss no fuss!


Take-N-Wave has been described as "curbside comfort on steroids!" With super fast curbside pickup averaging two minutes, you are in and out.  No more waiting around in a parking lot waiting for your food to be cooked.


Let's face it, most to go food by the time it gets home has to be reheated.   Take-N-Wave is designed to be heated once when you arrive guaranteeing a hot delicious meal.



"Hi Ken, Just wanted to mention that we tried the Shrimp and Grits last night and they were fabulous - maybe the best ever"         ~ Henry Gerosa

"Had the chopped steak and Creole Shrimp casserole last night - both were GREAT. Will be ordering again from the take away menu."  ~ Frank Chirco

"I had my granddaughter pick up dinner for the family and the my Shrimp & Grits was fantastic!  The Brussel Sprouts were the best that I have ever had!  I can't wait to order again"    ~ Barbara Becker

"Thumbs up to Parmesan Crunch Chicken, Shrimp & Grits, Beaux Bridge Pasta, and Creamed Spinach! Going for Creole Shrimp Casserole next!   LOVE Take-N-Wave"

 ~ Missy McGowan

"Great for singles like me to divide into smaller portions for later" ~Paula Everitt

"Food is wonderful!  You will not be disappointed" ~ Debra Timanus


"Love the Parmesan Crunch Chicken!" ~Michelle Hatfield


"Food was delicious and so easy!" ~ Debbie Sale


Simply order online, fast curbside pick up at Buckley's Lunchbox (919 S Yates Rd), place dinner in your refrigerator and heat when you are ready to eat!


We know you will see the value of these crafted meals as an alternative to cooking and eating fast food.




  • Freshly prepared to be conveniently finished in a microwave at your time of need.  (just 3 minutes)
  • Designed and tested to last in your refrigerator for 2-3 days allowing you order multiple meals in advance
  • Packed in quality microwaveable containers to ease in heating and clean up.
  • Curbside pick up 3 to 7 PM at Buckley's Lunchbox (919 S Yates Rd)
  •  100% of all gratuities are evenly split among staff.  Thank you for your generosity!








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Breaux Bridge Pasta

Parmesan Crunch Chicken

Smothered Chopped Steak

Delta Shrimp & Grits

FireCracker Salmon